OBST OBSCURE · Noisy Fruit
z.o.o. 1002

Komposition, Text: Andreas Koeper

Andreas Koeper (Stimme, Keyboards, Vibraphon)
Jürgen Czisch (Keyboards, Akkordeon, Stimme)
Wolfgang Bökelmann (Gitarre)

Gestaltung: Dirk Rudolph
Aufgenommen im Woodhouse Studio, 1988
Tontechnik: Siggi Bemm
Produktion: Stephan Meister

© 1989 z.o.o. Verlag

Noisy Fruit 1      [00:44]  
Babbling Peacock      [05:17]   
Female Wizard      [03:41]   
Blood and Brother      [05:28]   
King of the Fools      [04:25]   
Good Guys      [04:25]   
Row in the Cubby-Hole      [03:26]   
Rules to live      [03:29]   
Mr. Selig      [05:57]   
Lick into Shape      [04:28]   
Obst Obscure      [04:52]   
Noisy Fruit 2      [00:19]  

I taste fruit
like to smell the perfume of freshness
sing happy colours
see sappy songs

I peel the obst obscure
I peel the obst obscure
I peel the obst obscure
I peel the obst obscure

and drink juice
and wait for better times
to love the day and I‘m rich

so I‘m a plant with
noisy fruit
noisy fruit
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